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AAV-Turkey Agreement has been put into reality. first batch is delivered to a turkey delegation in AAV on 2/6/2004. the True success is that the through inspection ended with a scream of congratulation out of the Turkish team.The second and the third batch were delivered on 20,26/7/2004.The fourth batch was delivered on 7/9/2004.
The last batch was delivered on October 24,2004.


The scene in Alexandria port was great when Cherokee’s driven on board starting the implementation of the Turkish contract signed early 2004.


Military Jeep TJL

TJL is exclusively produced at AAV starting 9/2003.

It is exported to 9 countries till now.

It will be exported to Libya at the end of 2009.

Military Jeep J8

J8 is exclusively produced at AAV had been exported daring to 23 Countries.



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