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Integrated Management System (IMS)
Product Quality Assurance
Testing Facilities
-Test Track
-Layout Lab
-Calibration Lab (Torque_tester,...etc)
-Chemical Lab
-ED Lab

Supplier Quality Assurance

Integrated Management System (IMS):
Integrated Management System(IMS):
We apply Integrated Management System(IMS) to facilitate applying the Quality Management System-QMS-(ISO 9001:2000) and the Environmental Management System-EMS-(ISO 14001:2004).

Quality Management System (QMS) Certification:
- AAV has been certified in 1996 for ISO 9002 by the BSI institute (British Standard Institute).
- AAV has been certified in October 2003 for ISO 9001:2000 by GLC-Germanischer Lloyd

Environmental Management System (EMS) Certification:
-AAV has been certified in 2004 for ISO 14001:1996 by GLC Germany.
-AAV has been recertified in 2006 for the new issue of ISO 14001:2004 by GLC Germany and the new certification has been received for ISO 14001:2004

Product Quality Assurance
Customer satisfaction is AAV' s main objective. The vehicles that come from our assembly facilities must meet our clients rigorous international quality standards. This means that customer satisfaction equals world – class quality and that is what we deliver.
Since our foundation over 25 years ago AAV held to the goal of producing vehicles of a worldwide standard. This dedication to quality plays an integral role at all stages of assembly and to ensure it.
 AAV has instituted a Quality Management System. The system is designed to guarantee the consistent level of improvement that the factory’s name has become synonymous with The Quality Management system includes:
1- A mandatory standard inspection of all incoming materials & parts.
2- obligatory line inspection to verify all part assembly operations are according to process.
3- Final inspections to verify the specifications and functions of vehicles are according the quality standards level. Daily audits are performed on vehicles built at the plant.
4- A regular customer satisfaction audit of one vehicle per day to determine the quality level and any rectification’s and / or adjustment actions required.
5- Enhancements to the customer satisfaction quality audit area (CSQA).
6- A compulsory process audit inspection.
7- Periodical external audits to set new targets for quality levels and requirements.
8- All standards are ascertained by regular visits from international teams of auditors.

Test Track
Description of test track:
-Overall length of track is one-kilometer
-Off road section based on test required.
-Road surface varies with specific test.
-Crushed stone base on surface road.
-Asphalt as a primary surface on surface road.
-Width, approximately 5 meters.
-Each area to have desired speeds posted.
-One Lap of the track is the equivalent of about 100km of normal driving experience.

Value of the Road Test
- It is an effective tool for evaluating a vehicle.
-Two major items: BSR (Buzzy Squeaks and Rattles) and NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) which each driver is attempting to listen for or identify during the test run.

Layout Lap
-3D LayOut CMM Coordinated Measuring Machine (X, Y&Z) for measuring the Body Control Points for Dimension’s Verification.
-LayOut Lab is under Lab Accreditation from EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) according to International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

-Calibration Lab (Torque_tester,...etc)
-Snap-On Master Torque Calibration Equipment for Calibration of Torque Meters and Torque Wrenches.
-Torque Calibration Lab is under Lab Accreditation from EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) according to International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Chemical Lab
-Chemical Lab for testing
The Bulk Materials according to Daimler Chrysler Engineering Standards.

ED Lab
-ED Lab for Analysis the Pretreatment Materials and Electro Deposition Primer to determine the efficiency of the ED Tanks as well as the Deionized Water and Waste Treatment stations.

Supplier Quality Assurance
-SQA General Dept. is part of AAV Quality Sector for Building a Quality System that includes continuous quality improvement in our local content suppliers plants by implementing Best in Class quality processes to satisfy the Quality Assurance Requirements of producing local parts for Daimler Chrysler and others.
-By implementing this process, suppliers and we will strive for zero defects and to ensure process performance improvements in the Supply Base.
A- Local Content Suppliers:

1- Supplier Selection
2- Supplier Evaluation:
     2.1. Pre – Evaluation    
     2.2. Source Evaluation – Supplier Candidate On-site Evaluation
3- Supplier Training: Training all the Local Suppliers on Daimler Chrysler Supplier Quality Assurance System by Daimler Chrysler SQA Expert;
     3.1. Seminars and distribute the training Materials & Manuals.
     3.2. On-Site Review.
4- Technical / Commercial Agreement between AAV Supplier & Mother Company Supplier.
5- Supplier Involvement
-Thesupplier must ensure that all product conforms to Mother Company Requirements
-The supplier is responsible for building a quality system based on prevention
-Implement Mother Company - Process Sign-Off (PSO)
-Attend APQP Meetings (Advanced Product Quality Plan) thru the Conference Call with Local Content Team (AAV + Mother Company + Mother Company Supplier)
6- Initial Sample Approval
-According toVTP-Sec. A (Verification Test Plan) including all the tests required per part print and Specifications    of Daimler Chrysler Engineering Standards.
-All the Local content initial sample parts Shall be approved by AAV prior to Mother Company approval.
-Follow – up with AAV & Mother Company Teams thru the Bi weekly Local Content Meetings.
7- On Site visites to Suppliers.
8- Follow – up the Corrective Actions Plan (7 – steps)
During the delivery and after sales warranty period
B- Local Content Activities:
1.Supplier Study & Quote Request.
2.Supplier Quotation Approval.
3.Local Content Team / Agents beside the mother company engineers are to keep the standard process.
4.Preliminary commodity Local Content Plan.
5.Receiving the Pre- Source Package (PSP) for each commodity from mother company and after reviewing forwarded to the local supplier.
6.TimeLine Plan including all the required activities.
7.Following up through APQP & LCR meetings till approving of initial Sample.


Test Track


Test Track


Layout Lab


Calibration Lab (Torque_tester,...etc)

Chemical Lab

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